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What is a Trade-mark?

Let’s start by talking about what a trade-mark/brand name actually is…it can be a word or words, phrase or slogan, a symbol, a number or numbers, a logo design, distinctive modes of packaging or product designs or a combination of one of more of these things that can be used to distinguish your products or services from someone else’s.

Creating and Researching a Brand

Creating a new brand name is often more complicated than sitting around the table with a glass of wine with your friends on a Friday night.

The brand that you choose should be carefully considered, connect to the overall vision and reflect the brand strategy of the company.

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are assisting you to create a brand.


Infuseworks Trademark Search Registration Think Outside The Building
Dig Down Deep

We start by meeting with you and conducting an in-depth discovery session to learn about you, your company and the products and services that you provide.

We dig down deep, ask you to reveal your secrets… this helps us to learn who you really are.

We then go away and begin the brand creation process by brainstorming names, conducting searches for creative options that best suit your product or service.


Infuseworks Trademark Search Registration Create
Our Process

We meet again… present the list of names that we have created… sometimes you choose a name right away… other times, we go back to the drawing board to create more names… eventually we will create a name that fits you perfectly.

During the name creation process, we conduct some cursory Internet and trade-mark searches to ensure that we are not creating a mark that is already in use for similar goods and/or services.


Infuseworks Trademark Search Registration Search
Availability and Registrability

Once a brand is chosen and prior to the design process, we will conduct a full trade-mark search, provide an analysis of the data to determine availability and registrability.

Trade-mark searching is best left to the professionals… it is an art and there are many issues that must be considered in order to determine whether a trade-mark is available or not.

Searching should be done early to prevent expensive design and production changes down the line.


Infuseworks Trademark Search Registration Ask More Questions
Ask Questions

We are specialists in this field, and encourage you to ask as many questions as you like. The more questions you ask will result in you having a better understanding of the process. After all, this is your brand we are talking about.

Filing a Trade-Mark Application


Let’s pretend that we filed your trade-mark application for you.

Below are the typical stages involved in obtaining a registration.

  • Stage 1 – Filing the Application (Filing day)
  • Stage 2 – Receipt of Filing Notice (1 – 2 weeks after filing)
  • Stage 3 – Examination (6 – 9 months after filing)
  • Stage 4 – Advertisement (12 months after filing)
  • Stage 5 – Allowance (16 – 18 months after filing)
  • Stage 6 – Registration (20 – 24 months after filing – if the mark has been used on all of the goods and services

The timelines mentioned above are approximated and are dependent upon whether the application experiences slow downs during examination or is opposed by another party during advertisement.

Benefits of Obtaining a Trade-Mark Registration

  1. A trade-mark registration is prima facie proof of ownership. It’s not just a piece of paper… its valuable!
  2. Registration provides for the exclusive right to use the trade-mark across Canada; notwithstanding that it may only be in use in one or more of the provinces.
  3. Registration is granted for a period of 15 years.
  4. Registration prevents others from using the same or similar mark in Canada.
  5. Trade-marks are considered a valuable asset of a business.
  6. Registration is an important component in a trade-mark licensing arrangement.

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