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Trade-Mark Registration and Brand Creation

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Who We Are

Infuse Works is a full service trademark and brand protection agency with only one goal in mind – to help our clients scale without compromise. With over 25 years experience in successfully navigating the trademark registration process, we offer our clients the peace of mind of protecting their most valuable business assets. We advise on and manage your intellectual property portfolio and provide tailored advice on carefully risk-managed brand strategies for new products, services and strategic business channels. You will enjoy immeasurable growth with all your protected brands in your chosen markets. We have assisted hundreds of small, medium and large corporations in every industry and bring specialized vertical knowledge to:

  • Food & beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical & nutraceutical manufacturers
  • Beauty & wellness industry
  • Retail & clothing manufacturers

Through the years, we have amassed an international professional referral network of contacts.  More recently, we have begun working with those contacts to assist BC businesses looking for foreign investment capital to expand their businesses.    As a result, we have become uniquely qualified to assist with the scalability of your business by seeking and identifying suitable foreign investors who align with your company’s vision, offer specific expertise to your industry and are ready to invest in the future growth of your business. We navigate the process of establishing a good cultural fit and get your business pitch-ready to attract the right level of investment. Steeped in pioneering Canadian family core values of honesty, trust and reliability, we have built an impeccable reputation with many name brands and companies. We are committed to continue our promise of value, confidentiality and measurable results to you and your business. Let us explore how we can help protect your ideas and creations with a no-obligation consultation.

Our Guiding Principles


We build strong business relationships
founded in honesty and transparency.


We love working with all types of business.
Diversity means learning and sharing ideas.


We believe that simple communication is the
key to long lasting business relationships.


Our unique, holistic approach to strategic
planning has been honed over 25 years.

The Team


Infuseworks Team Sandra Wright

Sandra Wright is a trade-mark and branding specialist. She is a Registered Trade-Mark Agent who is recognized to practice in the United States Patent and Trademarks Office to prepare and file applications for Canadian companies. Sandra has built a network of trusted associates around the world that she collaborates with to ensure timely filing and file management worldwide.

Sandra has worked for over 25 years to assist companies with brand creation and development. She has represented companies across all business sectors including pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, food, beverage, alcohol, clothing, retail, restaurant, advertising, public relations, technology, finance, insurance, manufacturing, universities, lotteries and non-profit (to name a few).

Over the years, Sandra has been a featured speaker on brand creation and trade-mark registration. She has worked with start-ups to organize and administrate the initial development of the business. She also has provided business consulting services to existing companies that wish to take their companies to the next level. Sandra acts as a mentor to women in business.

Together with our expert strategic partners, we provide the complete solution for our clients.


(604) 306-9190


Y5 Creative Carol Colley

Building PacBlue Printing into one of the leading printing companies in Vancouver for over 21 years inspired Carol Colley to establish Y5 Creative in 2012. As the creative director, Carol uses her expertise to guide an extremely talented and diverse creative and production team to consistently deliver visually innovative design and marketing solutions.

Y5 Creative is a boutique branding and web design agency based in Vancouver. Believing strongly in keeping things simple and relevant, they deliver seamless brand experiences with measurable results. The team at Y5 Creative love what they do and have a lot of fun doing it. Most of all they love seeing businesses thrive and reach new heights of success because of strong branding, a new logo, effective website design and social media marketing.

Working with people and businesses who are developing a new brand from scratch or need to refresh an existing brand by making it more relevant to the current market technology and communication trends is what they do best. If you need some help with your branding and marketing both on and off-line give Carol a call to see what Y5 Creative can do for you.


(778) 379-2177 ext. 104


The Business Sanctuary Conny Millard

Conny Millard is Principal at the Business Sanctuary, a performance coaching agency for business owners and corporate executives. As behavioural analysts and certified in neuro-coaching by the NeuroLeadership Institute of New York, the Business Sanctuary specializes in assessments, sales and marketing development and communication strategies for executives and small to mid size businesses ready to maximize financial returns and fast track professional growth.

At the beginning of each year The Business Sanctuary offers a proprietary, 6-months alliance partnership program for women entrepreneurs trademarked as The PowerPods™ Program. It is uniquely based on latest neuroscience for ultimate smart-proofing your business.

Check in on the company’s monthly podcast series ‘In The HOT Seat’ where Conny herself interviews local, business gems and leaders. The podcast concept with over 4000 downloads is based on a closed-loop supply chain where interviewees share top tips on leader- and entrepreneurship, insights to their offerings and future needs for local providers in Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver.

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